Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Things that have happened that I am writing about.

A few things that I've seen in the last few days.

Whilst out running this evening I saw a man hitting his dopey alsatian.

The other day a woman at life drawing told me that she felt bored there and could teach everyone how to do it properly. I told her that it's not a competition, and even if it were that she's only competing with herself.

I spoke to a man at the bus stop the other day, he said that it was strangely quiet for a Saturday. I told him it was Sunday. He seemed genuinely shocked.

A car drove past making a weird noise. I turned to see a small car with a way flat tire passing by at about 15mph. The driver was looking right at me and mouthing "FUCK OFF!" in a most extravagant way. I'd have helped him change the tire if he hadn't been so impolite.

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  1. There really are some odd people about......stay away from them XXX